5 / 5★★★★★

These are perfect! I love and frequently visit theme parks, but rides tend to make me nauseous so I wanted a band that looked more like jewelry than my normal sea bands. They look great and fit perfectly!

- Jennifer (3/2/21)

5 / 5★★★★★

I suffer from chronic vertigo that the doctors have yet to be able to figure out. I've tried various medications from prescribed to all natural to curb the symptoms, but nothing really seems to work. These pressure bands seem to help abate the worst of my nausea, even without my motion sickness patches to the point I can at least eat normally again.

Don't get me wrong, there are still days where I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of throwing up so these bands aren't magic cure-alls. BUT they help curb the worst days enough to allow me to function and go to work. I pray for the day I don't need every trick in the book to have a "normal" day, but until then these bands are my go to for nausea.

- Tiffani (6/25/21)

5 / 5★★★★★

This bracelet is lovely and well done!! I have a history of motion sickness, so I figured I would have something to help while also being fashionable. The shop owner was also really nice and accommodating to my particular size. I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying from this shop.

- Krystal (11/23/20)

5 / 5★★★★★

Beautiful made bracelets and I got them really fast. Ramona is quick to reply and is helping me with one of the bracelets that is a bit too small. Even thought I can only wear the bracelet for short periods of time (until the adjustment) - it has helped me tremendously. The dizziness was completely gone and it even helped with my headaches. Can't wait to get the new one, so I can wear it all the time.

- Angie (1/23/21)

5 / 5★★★★★

The bracelets look great and are a much better alternative than the sweatband looking drugstore bands I’d been using to alleviate nausea while going through chemo and radiation therapy. I’ll likely buy a second pair of a different style to mix and and match looks.

- Kyle (8/7/2021)

5 / 5★★★★★

Beautifully made, comfortable, and worked just as well as sea bands for my nausea. Just ordered another set as a birthday gift for a friend.

- Ali (5/17/2021)